Friday, March 6, 2009

Rolls-Royce 200EX

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled its latest experimental car - 200EX - at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday.
200EX is a design study for a contemporary four-door saloon and shows the direction for RR4, a new model series from Rolls-Royce due for production in 2010.
The exterior design is dominated by large, uninterrupted surfaces, while finely sculptured horizontal lines add definition and geometric precision. At the front, a pair of LED headlamps flank the latest evolution of the world's most famous grille.
The exterior of 200EX is finished in Darkest Tungsten, which contrasts with the silver satin finish applied to the bonnet and A-pillar. Seven-spoke, 20-inch wheels complete the visual impact of the exterior.
The dashboard has been kept deliberately clear; it is spacious in its design and has an intuitive layout.
The controls are neatly sculptured, with more important functions emphasised by accents of chrome.
The soft light of the instrument panel glows through the familiar black-rimmed steering wheel, which itself incorporates a number of violin keys as well as an ergonomic roller-ball control.
The interior of 200EX is finished in supple, natural grain Creme Light leather, with Cornsilk carpets and cashmere blend headliner. The featured wood veneer is Santos Palissander, chosen for its contemporary look and striking grain.
Substantial doors and a high shoulder line ensure that occupants feel cosseted and protected. In the rear, the intimate ambience of the lounge seat is emphasised by its position behind the C-pillar, heightening the sense of privacy.
Naturally, the finest materials have been used. Elegant, frosted lamps and chrome door handles feature, while details include traditional violin key switches, eyeball air vents, opaque dials and refined instrumentation.

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